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Welcome to Little Bonk ($LBONK) -
the newest, coolest, meme-iest coin on the Binance Smart Chain!



PancakeSwap Icon Introduction

Hop on board the Little Bonk express, where crypto meets memes and everyone gets a ticket to the fun side of the blockchain! Little Bonk isn't just any coin; it's your new pal in the digital world, ready to infuse your wallet with laughter and good vibes.

The $LBONK Vibe:

  • Community at Heart: Little Bonk is all about togetherness. It's where the crypto magic happens, with a sprinkle of giggles and tons of support.
  • Always Adapting: Like the best memes, Little Bonk keeps it fresh and fun, staying on top of the game in the ever-twisty crypto playground.
  • Bounces Back Like a Champ: The Little Bonk spirit is indomitable—no matter the market swings, we're here for the good times, sticking together.

PancakeSwap Icon Tokenomics

Token Name: Little Bonk
Token Symbol: LBONK
Total Supply: 100 Million
Staking Supply: 10 Million
Liquidity Supply: 90 Million

999 Trillon
5 %
Buy Tax
5 %
Sell Tax
5 %
Buy Tax
5 %
Sell Tax
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Little Bonk Roadmap
(2024 - 2025)

Q4 2023 - Foundation

Creation and Launch: We're whipping up the perfect recipe to bring Little Bonk to life on the Binance Smart Chain.

Marketing Fiesta: It's all about getting the party started with a bang, spreading the word, and sharing the joy.

Community Hangouts: From Twitter to Telegram, we're setting up digital campfires to chat, share, and grow together.

App Adventures: Brace yourselves for the slickest Little Bonk app, packed with all the deets you need.

Exchange High-Fives: We're aiming to buddy up with some cool crypto exchanges to get $LBONK out there.

Q1 2024 - Growth & Expansion

Big-League Listings: Eyes on the prize! We're shooting for the stars to get $LBONK listed on the major exchanges.

Epic Partnerships: We're on the lookout for the raddest crews to join our meme party.

Wallet Welcomes: We're knocking on the doors of the hottest wallets to make a cozy home for $LBONK.

Q2 2024 - Utility & Engagement

LBONK Swag Shop: Get ready to snag some sweet Little Bonk merch with your $LBONK.

Gaming Collaborations: Engage with indie game developers to integrate KBY as an in-game currency or reward mechanism.

Gaming Shenanigans: We're teaming up with indie devs to sprinkle some $LBONK magic into their games.

Stake Your Space: Park your $LBONK and watch it grow with our super-duper staking rewards.

Q3 2024 - Innovation & Consolidation

Community Carnivals: The fun never stops with contests, games, and freebies galore.

App-tastic Times: We're launching a nifty Little Bonk app to keep your $LBONK happy on the go.

Techie Tune-Ups: We're all ears for your ideas to make Little Bonk shinier and better.

Q4 2023 - Foundation:
Q4 2023
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Q1 2024
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